ASTRADAM is an antiviral, antibacterial, strengthen syrup, supports immune system, and antioxidant, Oral use for all family.


Active Ingredients:

Each 5ml of ASTRADAM syrup contains:

Astragalus extract       125 mg

propolis extract           250 mg

vit C                               100 mg

zinc                                5 mg (as Zinc Gluconate)



• Astragalus : 

 It has an anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect, It is considered in the first class as a supporter and booster for the immune system, it is useful in treating colds and infections, and  it is useful in case of fatigue and chronic fatigue. 

Apparently the complex sugars, the so-called astragalans, are responsible for this in the medicinal plant.

It contains Polysaccharide , Phytosterol , Isoflavone ,Triterpen-Saponine , organic acid.

• Propolis:

 or bee glue, has many benefits health wise. It is antiseptic, anti-bacterial and fungal, ergogenic, supports immune system and antioxidant . It contains many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and some phenolic compounds.

It is also used to protect the body from bacterial and fungal infections and to prevent viral diseases such as flu, COVID-19 virus and winter diseases.

• Vitamin C  : 

A potent antioxidant, enhances immunity, 

• Zinc  :

It is considered a supporter to the immune system and maintains the health and safety of muscles and nerves.


Indications and Usage:

• For prevention from viral and bacterial infections.

• Helps in  treatment of acute and chronic viral infections.

• Enhances and boosts immune system function. 



• It is not given to cardiac patients taking beta blockers such as propranolol, Metoprolol, Carvedilol and Bisoprolol.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding:

should not be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding without consulting your doctor.


Side effects:

• There are no side effects if use as prescribed doses. there are rarely allergic reactions.



• For Children less than 4 years according to doctor's recommendations.

• Children from 4 to 10 years:      5 ml twice a day.

• 11 years and above:                    10 ml twice a day.

      or as doctor's instructions.

Shake well before each use.


Warnings and Precautions:

• Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

• Stop using in case of allergy to one of its components.

• The product should be consumed within 4 weeks after opening the bottle.



• Keep at a temperature under 25 ° C in a cool and dry place away from light and moisture.

• keep out of the reach of children.



Brown glass bottle which contains 100 ml / 120 ml syrup.


This Product was Manufactured According to the Regulation of Dietary Supplements in Turkey.