Dam Fe Plus


Active Ingredients: Each ( 10 ml ) contains:

Ferrous gluconate                   25 mg

Biotin                                         0.015 mg

Vitamin B1                                1.1 mg

Vitamin B2                                0.7 mg

Vitamin B3                                37.5 mg

Vitamin B5                                1 mg

Vitamin B6                                0.75

Folic Acid                                  0.4 mg

Vitamin B12                             0.025 mg

Vitamin C                                 25 mg

Potassium iodide                    0.025

Zinc gluconate                         7.5 mg

Indications and Usage:

For periods of increased iron requirements, provides iron along with synergistic nutrients to reduce tiredness and fatigue and boost energy levels.


A liquid iron food supplement with additional vitamin C, B vitamins .

Recommended for periods of increased iron requirement, during menstruation and also pregnancy. Vitamin C increases iron absorption, riboflavin (B2) contributes to normal iron metabolism in the body.

Iron contributes to the production of haemoglobin and the formation of red blood cells and normal oxygen transport to tissues and cells in the body.

It also contributes to cognitive development of children and normal cognitive function in adults. Iron along with vitamin C, B12, folic acid, B2 and B3 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Dosage :

For less that one year,  as per doctors' instructions

For other ages, unless the doctor's describe otherwise

- Children 1 - 3 years       : 10 ml one time a day.

daily or it can divide into twice a day.

- Children 12-4 years     : 10 ml twice a day.

- Adults (pregnant and nursing mothers): 

10 ml : three times a day.

Drug interactions and side effects:

   None if used according to the prescribed doses.


  -  Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

   - Consult your doctor if there is a special health condition , or if you have allergy to any of the  substances of the drug , and when excessive and unbalanced use or if abnormal symptoms occur.


   Store at room temperature below 25°c away from sunlight and light.

   The product should be consumed within one month after opening the bottle.

    Packing :

   Fe plus : is a glass bottle containing 200 ml syrup.

   This product was manufactured in accordance with the Constitution of food supplements in Turkey.