Gripe Water


GRIPE WATER : Safe sedative for infants & children , orally taken . 

Herbal formula is alcohol free, sugar free, without flavorings or colorants.


Each 5 ml contains:

- Dill Oil                          1 mg

- Cumin Oil                    1 mg



DM Water,Emulgator (Polysorbate 80) ,preservative( Potassium sorbate), preservative (sodium benzoate ),Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid) , Sweetener(Maltitol),Sweetener(Glycerine), Acidity Regulator (Sodium bicarbonate ).

GRIPE WATER is a necessary product for new born infants and young children, and contains natural ingredients, so it a has kind effect, and it's safe for children use.

Indication and Usage:

GRIPE WATER is indicated to:

- Relief spasmic pain "intestinal & stomach".

- Anti-puff, gas repellent

- Anti-GERD for children

- Relieve acidity caused by recurrence of gastric juice after breastfeeding at infants.

Dosag and use:

- New born infants         : 1/2 teaspoon x 3 times Daily .

- 1-6  months old             : 1  teaspoon x 3 times Daily .

- 6-24  months old           : 2  teaspoon x 3 times Daily .

- 2 years old and above  : 2-3 teaspoon x 3 times Daily .

Note: add the sachet content to the bottle before use and shake the bottle well.

N.B.: Because of GRIPE WATER contains natural ingredients, so may change colour, but this has no effect on its activity.

Storage :

Keep in a dry and cool place.

Keep at room temperature under 25 °C.

After opening the bottle keep at refrigerator and it must taken within 15 days from that.

 Packaging :

Bottle containing 120 ml. 

A sodium bicarbonate sachet is included with this drink for an additional effect to treat excess heartburn (stomach acidity), this is optional according to the opinion of the doctor or the pharmacist


This product was manufactured in accordance with the Constitution of food supplements in Turkey.

Manufactured by:


Hal neighborhood Turgut Ozal Boulevard New food wholesalers site E Block No: 93-94

33300 / Akdeniz / Mersin / Turkey

TEL: +90 324 329 28 27 / +90 536 952 22 14