Omega L-arginine with sh oil is General tonic, contains vitamins C, D3, E, K, in addition to Zinc, Helps the growth and length, supports musculoskeletal system.

Composition :

Each spoon 5 ml contains :

Fish Oil                    200 mg

EPA                            56 mg

DHA                           84 mg

Vitamin C              17,5 mg

Zinc Gluconate     17,5 mg

L-Arginine                50 mg

Vitamin E                   3 mg

Vitamin D3              150 IU

Vitamin K      0,001875 mg


Solvent (DM Water), Emulgator (Polysorbate 80), Sweetener (Sucralose), Preservative (Potassium sorbate), Thickening Agent (Xanthan Gum), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate), Sweetener (Acesulfame potassium), Flavorant (Honey Flavor), Flavorant (Lemon Flavor), Colorant (E102).

Indications and Usage:

it has been proved that, Omega-3 fatty acids help regulate the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which may maintain the elasticity of artery walls and blood pressure, and it contribute for the heart's health.

It also plays an important role in brain function and inuences behavior and focus in children and adults.

Furthermore, it has been proved also EPA and DHA both has an anti-inammatory activity and it contribute to joint health. while DHA Has a special importance for the eye health, and particularly for the retina.

L- Arginine is used to maintain salts levels and strengthens the immune system and resists cancer cells.

As of L-Arginine acid is rich with nitrogen is stimulates the production of growth hormones and insulin and increases the volume of their secretion, thus accelerating the process of muscle growth.


            Fish Oil Helps to improve body composition, reduce inammation, improve bone health, promote eye health, improve the attention in children, and stimulate brain function and behavior in children.

            L-Arginine is a good stimulant for muscle growth and supportive of performance during training, It also helps for insulin production, helps to improve the blood circulation and stimulate the brain. In addition to strengthening the immune system in children.

            Vitamin C is one of the potent antioxidants, enhances immunity, is benecial for protection against heart disease and improves iron absorption.

            Vitamin E Improve the immune system and maintain the health of hair and the skin as well

            Zinc helps for the permanent and constant support of bones and rebuilds them, and also maintains the health and safety of muscles and nerves and skin, and is involved in enhancing immunity and learning and memory capabilities as well.

            Vitamin D3 promotes absorption of calcium and maintains its levels in the body, important for the function of rebuild bones and maintains of strength and prevention of rickets and osteoporosis.

            Vitamin K it used for preventing bleeding and promotes memory and support bones in children.


From 1- 4 years:          ½ teaspoon daily

From 5 - 10 years:       5 ml once a day

            11 years and above:    5 ml twice a day


Interactions and side eects :

feeling of a slight pain in abdomen.

Disorders inside the gastrointestinal.

Feeling stomach bloating

Increases hard breathing in people with asthma.

It may interact with medicines which is reducing blood pressure.

warning and precautions:

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reaching of children.

Consult your doctor in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding period, and If there is a disease condition or in case of medicines usage.


kept at room temperature below 25°c away from sunlight and light

The product must be consumed within a maximum period of 1 month after opening the bottle


Omega – 3 is a glass bottle available in two sizes: 120ml & 200ml syrup.

This product was manufactured in accordance with the constitution of food supplements in turkey. Country of origin: turkey

Manufactured by:


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