Power Active Royal

Power active Royal


Bee honey with ginseng, ginger, and vitamin E & C.


Each Sachet  15 Gram contain :

Natural Honey                   12.72 gr

Royal Jelly                          500 mg

Ginseng Liquid Extract     1000 mg

Ginger Extract                   300 mg

Vitamin C                           30 mg

Vitamin E                           195 mg

honey is a divine grant and is known for its preventive and curative properties for many medical issues.

We enhanced its strengthening and energizing properties by adding ginseng extract which increases sexual desire and helps with fatigue and memory loss.

Ginger extract was added to ginseng which stimulates the blood circulation and increases energy.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and provides cellular support.

Vitamin E has been added to complete the magical role of power active, it has an important role in supporting the sexual glands and regulating the work of the reproductive system in both genders.

It is recommended to take a sachet of Power active twice daily.

Should be taken with precautions to cardiac patients and after a physician consultation.

 Power active provided sexual satisfaction without side effects.

A rich formula of acceptable ratios of honey, extracts, and vitamins.