Supra Vitamin




The Family drink Supra vitamin is a food supplement given orally.

Developed formula with concentrated calibres of vitamin B complex , vitamin C and  plus Zinc

It is tonic, general energizer, and an appetizer.                                                                               


Each spoon 5ml of Supra Vitamin contains:

-Vitamin C                                 100 mg

-Zinc Gluconate                         77.5 mg

-Vitamin B1                              10 mg

-Vitamin B2                                10 mg

-Vitamin B3                                80 mg

-Vitamin B5                                20 mg

-Vitamin B6                                7 mg

-Folic acid (vitamin B9)             0.4 mg

-Vitamin B12                             0.05 mg


Low-electrolytes water (excipient), glucose (sweetener), Polybate 80 (emulsification agent), Ksantan gum (lifter), E211 (preservative), orange oil (flavored), honey flavour  (flavored).

Indications and Usage:

Any of vitamins B Deficiency.

Appropriate for children in the stages of growth as a food supplement and general tonic.

Provides the daily need for vitamins for the body, suitable for all family members.


Supra vitamin syrup contains a balanced and synergistic formula rich in vitamins, to provide the recommended daily need, and is a good source of vitamins. With other contributing factors working together, Supra vitamin supports the vital processes in the body and helps in maintaining the health of muscles, nerves and skin.

Each of group B vitamins has distinctive characteristics, and cannot be replaced, so it is necessary that the body gets all these vitamins.

-       Vitamin B1  : It is important in maintaining the health of the heart and brain, as it is important for the nerval system, and plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism.

-       Vitamin B2  : Plays an important role in metabolism and oxidation, and is considered an important antioxidant for the body.

-       Vitamin B3  : This vitamin affects all tissues of the body thanks to its important function of enzymes.

-       Vitamin B5  : This vitamin is considered important for the digestive system and muscles, as it is of great importance in the production of hormones and fatty acids.

-       Vitamin B6  : It preserves the health of the skin and contributes to the process of producing red blood cells.

-       Vitamin B9  : It is sometimes known as pregnancy vitamin, since it is one of the most important vitamins that are prescribed for women during pregnancy, and this vitamin is of great importance in the growth and development of the fetus.

-       Vitamin B12 : Helps to produce red blood cells, along with vitamins B9 and B6.

-       Vitamin C  : A potent antioxidant, enhances immunity, is beneficial for protection against heart disease and improves iron absorption.

-       Zinc  : Helps the permanent and constant support of bones and rebuilds them, and maintains the health and safety of muscles and nerves.


Children under 4 years:              1/2 teaspoon a day

Children from 4 to 10 years:      5 Ml once a day

11 years and above:                    5 Ml twice a day

Drug interactions and side effects:

Nonoe if used according to the prescribed doses.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Consult your doctor if there is a special health condition or if you have sensitivity to any of the

 substances of the drug, and when excessive and unbalanced use if abnormal symptoms occur.


Store at room temperature below 25°c away from sunlight and light.

The product should be consumed withen 4 weeks after opening the bottle.


Supra vitamin is a glass bottle containing 120 ml syrup.

This Product Was Manufactured According The Regulation of Dietary Supplement in Turkey.


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