Tusupan Plus



TUSUPAN  PLUS is a herbal cough syrup containing thyme extract, Primula Veris  Roots  extract and dried ivy leaves extract.


Active Ingredients: 

Each 5 ml of TUSUPAN  plus contains :

Liquid thyme extract                                         250 mg

Primula Veris  Roots  Extract                            125 mg

Dried ivy leaves extract                                        35 mg


Indications and Usage :

• TUSUPAN  PLUS is a safe treatment for all types of coughs including pertussis.

• Helps Solvent for phlegm and expectorant. 

• Acute catarrh accompanied by cough and difficulty in breathing. Helps in Symptomatic treatment of chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases. Relief of cough, throat irritation and reducing phlegm. 

• Expanded respiratory ligaments, helps relieve symptoms of asthma.


Additional properties:

• Thyme extract contains Thymol, it affects as antiseptic to the respiratory tract.


Side effects :

TUSUPAN  PLUS is made from natural herbal extracts, it is safe and no side effects are noted with its use.

Warnings and precautions:

• It is given with caution to those suffering from infections of the urinary or digestive system.

• Carefully use by those have thyroid disease.

• The dose interval should not be less than 4 hours.

• The product should be consumed within 4 weeks after the bottle is opened.


Pregnancy and lactation:

Do not use it during pregnancy and lactation without consulting your doctor.



You mustn’t use this medicine if you have allergy against Thyme syrup or other plants that belong to Mint species or any of other ingredients.


Dosage and use:

• For Infants less than one year as per doctor’sinstructions

• From 1 - 5 years                   : 2.5 ml ( ½ teaspoon ) twice a day.

• From 6 - 12 years                : 5 ml twice a day.

• Adults and over 12 years   : 5 ml three times a day.

Unless the doctor says otherwise.

Shake well before use



• keep at a temperature under 25 ° C in a cool and dry place.

• keep away from light and moisture.

• keep out of reach of children.


Packing :

Brown glass bottle which contains 100 ML / 120 ML syrup.

This Product was Manufactured According to the Regulation of Dietary Supplements in Turkey.