Dam Medikal was established in 2017 in Turkey / City of Mersin. Our products were developed within a year and production started in 2018


Our facility was designed, structured and implemented to comply with GMPs.
It complies with the international standard specifications, packaging, manufacturing, storage and distribution operations of the Turkish Food Authority.


Manufacture of high quality and effective supplements: Each ingredient was selected from the finest out of the market.
Dam Medikal Laboratory consists of the following production lines:

  • Syrup line
  • Water suspensions line
  • Honey production line

Our production lines are equipped with the latest technology and machinery, most of which are automated and with great capacities. Our products at DAM Medikal have a wide range of items and is growing and expanding every year.

Quality Control

Quality control department includes analytical laboratories has:

  • Well trained Analytical chemists with high experience.
  • Advanced analysis and monitoring devices.
  • The staff can make decision to reject or accept (raw materials, semi-finished products, final products).

Our Mission

  • Internal Turkish Market: We are targeting and covering a good percentage of the internal Turkish market and our goal is to cover all the Turkish provinces in a short time.
  • Export: We are exporting to many Arab countries and our goal is to cover most of the Middle East.
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